With red hair and a tall body, Brittany Forbes doesn't know she is human and not a freak of nature,

She doesn't know why  the ruling humanz (spelt with a z) who run the land discriminate against tall humans.

She doesn't know she carries a transmitting device under her skin.

She doesn't know this device has been passed through twenty generations of humans just waiting for the time to establish contact.

She doesn't know two men, human Zane Bidwell and the ruthless Colonel Slovinof both know of this transmitter and it is a race to get to her.

 She doesn't know the third species in her city the silfs, spherical creatures the size of an orange who have the power of flight, are helping Zane.

She doesn't know that Galactic Cruiser Strabo that brought all three species to their planet has been orbiting above for five hundred years.

She doesn't know about infinity drive, post light speed where all the dimensions, including time, have no meaning.

She doesn't know that the captain of this ship, Alessandra McLean has left a hologram to contact her ancestor once repairs to the cruiser have been made.

She doesn't know that beyond the stars an even greater enemy than the humanz lurk, a species that has declared all oxygen-breathing creatures only fit for annihilation.

She doesn't know the damaged Strabo came to this planet to escape and remain hidden from these creatures.

She doesn't know about the way station buried in distant swamps.

It is three in the morning when Silf Quig awakens Brittany and tells her the IMPACT forces have her building surrounded. He is there to help her escape.

 She does know her life is in danger and the IMPACT forces have discriminated against talls for years. Brittany doesn't hesitate. She escapes with the fuzzballs and her adventures begin.



We are thriiled to announce that our science fiction novel is published by Camcat Publishers



Ross Richdale

When her mother dies after an accident, Astrid Stowell moves to the small New Zealand Coromandel Peninsular village of Hook Bay to live with her grandfather, Steve Barton. She has to cope with life in a new environment with old friends’ help and betrayal, a new school to attend for her final high school year and an early encounter with the forces of nature.

Steve’s love and guidance, as well as Astrid’s ability as an artist, helps her through difficult times. New friends enter her life, old ones return and her talent is encouraged by the local school principal. Her life now has a future.

That is until the tsunami builds up in the Pacific Ocean and heads south… directly towards Hook Bay.


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